educational / family / creativity
memory game
3+ years

4   SETS of card decks
6   GRIDS   3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8
play the classic memory game with cool and educational decks
extend you visual memory with the added level meaning

app for phone / tablet
kids friendly / complying with COPPA
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YOU + your KID
can get to know the Elements of the first rows from the periodic table
& the amazing Japanese prefectural flags
find some creatures or just train the memory

47    Japanese Prefectural Flags
Japan can be divided into 47 prefectures [都道府県].

The numbers 1 – 47 reflect the geographic region. [NORTH: 1 / Hokkaido, SOUTH: 47 / Okinawa]  
CC Public Domain
Hiroshima + Kagawa_constructed/redrawn using the respective Wikipedia Commons images as a guide.
Hokkaido Akita Yamagata Tokyo Fukui Mie Nagano Kyoto Okayama Miyazak
47    Chemical Elements
The size of the drawn Atoms correlate to their respektive van der Waals radii. [22 Ti, 23 V, 24 Cr, 25 Mn, 26 Fe, 27 Co are interpolated]
The represantations are based on the Bohr atomic model [1913].  
The electron cofiguration per Shell is given by the "Aufbau principle" and "Madelung rule" with numerous exceptions.
CC Public Domain
Hydrogen Carbon Nitogen Oxygen Fluorine Neon Aluminum Iron Strontium Lead
10↑5     Creatures
The creatures are from the 01 creatures game and generated randomly.
32    Colors
8 colors from our color palette +
24 colors inspired by Lospec.
my kid is an alien

Image sources – please expect below / above.
The name for 02 memoryx is deriven from the generic word for the power of recall – add an "x" to get the sound of the suffix "-ix" [celtic: ruler], as in Asterix and Idefix.
Otherwise the name without the "x" is claimed by a company [of games] for at least Germany, but not the whole European Union and US.
+ a lot of respect and thanx to the "Japanese Culture" and people for their fabulous artistic expressions.
& to the generous WikiCommons community.


ratio object seize / distance 1:1000

SUN . mercury . venus . earth . mars . jupiter . saturn . uranus . neptune
... there are also flags for all the municipal cities → dive into it!
Prefecture symbol City symbol Symbol design of the whole country seen from list
県章 市章 一覧からみる全国のシンボルデザイン
Foreigner – I tried to redesigned the national flags of Europe [in japanse style]
県章 市章 外国人「ヨーロッパ各国の国旗を日本の県旗っぽくデザインし直してみた」(海外の反応)
Periodic Table
Michael Dayah